Refrigerator Repair in Lynchburg Virginia

All areas of appliance repair require ongoing training and studying new designs and techniques, but refrigerator repair is one of the most intriguing. It seems the manufacturers are in a race to see who makes the most advanced refrigerator with the most people-pleasing gadgets.

TV screens and tablet style interfaces mounted to the refrigerator doors to name only a few are finding their way into millions of kitchens around the world. Wi-Fi capabilities to see what’s in your refrigerator remotely is pushing the envelope.



That’s only a small sample of the advancements in today’s appliances. Dual evaporators for efficient cooling and food savings, dual freezers, and shelving that moves in and out, and up and down with only a small nudge is going to spoil us.

Besides the new features visible on the outside, other energy saving and environmentally friendly changes have already begun. As of Jan. 1st, 2024, the EPA ends the use of R134a refrigerant as the cooling agent in freezers and refrigerators.

The new refrigerant replacing R134a is R600a. It’s made with a tiny amount of Butane, a gas produced in our atmosphere. It’s flammable, but its use poses no serious threat to you or your home. We’re in the process of training to learn all there is to know about this new technology. We’ll take all necessary precautions required by the EPA to ensure safety first.

It’s the fascinating world we live in, and it’s only getting more exciting. Lynchburg Appliance promises to be here for you, regardless of which appliance has you frustrated. We’ll be there soon, and you can rest easy knowing we’re on our way.